These 3 Surprising Tips Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Most people want to get the best price for their home. That makes sense! But how do you go about increasing the value of your home? Short of adding more rooms, buying out the neighbor’s property and adding it to your lot, or other wild ideas, there doesn’t seem to be many options that people haven’t tried. However, our research team has scoured the most reputable sources to find three surprising tips to increase the value of your property sale in NJ!

  1. Beautify your property for sale in NJ. When you make your property beautiful, people can see it shine and picture themselves living there. Landscaping can add quite a bit of value to your home, but remember, what you like may not be what the new owners will like. Focus on keeping your property clean, simple, and in good repair—nobody wants to buy a home that looks like the zombie apocalypse has been going on for years!
  2. Paint. Sounds simple, but a fresh coat of paint can add a clean, new look—even to an old home! Again, the rule of appealing to a wide audience applies. You may love a bright orange wall directly across from purple polka dots, but a conservative, neutral tone is more likely to attract buyers. Plain white is often seen a cold for homes, but can work well in professional properties.
  3. Good neighbors. For a great sale, have great neighbors. If your neighbors’ kids like to have screaming contest in the back yard, consider asking them to play inside for the day, or bribe them with a gift certificate to a family activity during the showing. Alternatively, invite your well-behaved neighbors over for open houses or give them a wave if they are out in the yard. People don’t just buy property: they buy the experience of living in your wonderful neighborhood!

There are plenty of ways to increase the value of your home, but the first step is to meet with a real estate expert for tips! To get started today, contact the D&L Powerteam!

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