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Buying or selling a property in NJ can be a challenge. This involves more than just the real estate aspects—your life may require some changes!

Our Resource Guides

Fortunately, we’ve collected our favorite resources to help you on your journey. Our resource guides will provide some starter information regarding financing, relocation information, and area resources for the Sussex, Warren, and Morris County area in New Jersey. Feel free to browse, and contact us with any questions!

Financing Guide

Get Organized

The first step to buying or selling is getting your finances in order. Start gathering copies of your financial statements, bank account information, investment values, credit card accounts, outstanding car loans, tax returns, and paystub information to make your real estate process smoother.

Credit Yourself

Your credit rating can have a huge effect on your interest rate. Credit scores go from 400-800 points, with anything over 620 considered “good,” and anything over 680 considered “premium.” Check your credit score at the three major credit reporting agencies below:

Equifax (800) 685-1111
Experian (800) 392-1122
Trans Union (800) 888-4213



The more you save, the more you get! By building strong savings, you can pay down your down payment, account for closing costs, and tackle your credit card debt to improve your credit score.


Lenders like stable clients. This isn’t the best time to start that new job, try out a new bank, or buy that dream car you’ve always wanted. Keep your finances stable for the best loans.

Relocation Information

Most of the properties we handle are in Sussex, Warren, and Morris Counties, in the northeastern part of New Jersey. This scenic area is under an hour away from New York City, but offers all the calm and beauty of the suburbs. Read on to find out more about this great part of the state!


We are close to JKF, Newark, and LaGuardia airports. Shuttle services and taxis run regularly from NJ to NYC for exciting events!



New Jersey Public Schools are some of the best in the nation! Coming in just below New York State, New Jersey’s public school district boasts an 89% 4-year graduate rate from high school. A variety of charter schools serve children with special interests as well.

MorrisSussex Resource Net has a great listing of schools in NJ.

Area Resources