Accepting an Offer

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Remember: The Price is Not the Bottom Line

When you ask most people about their property-selling goals, they tend to answer “get the most money, of course!” However, this may not always be the most important factor. How soon does the buyer want the property? Are there conditions? Don’t let a high number fool you—trust a qualified realtor to ensure you get the best deal, overall, for your investment.


Unlike some cultures where price negotiation is the norm, in the U.S., we tend to adhere to the listed prices. This can make your property sale less competitive! While your realtor will always negotiate an ethical sale, you may find that you can get more or find better offers when you are willing to negotiate. Hate that awkward time? Leave it to the professionals. We work for you to get the best sales price.

Agreement and Deposit

When you and your buyer and realtor have made an agreement, you move to making a legal agreement between the buyer and seller. This legal agreement is typically held in the escrow account of the closing agent until the conditions or contingencies of the agreement are fulfilled. While you’re almost there, here are a few more tips to consider:

  • Keep it in writing. Verbal offers don’t mean much in court, so if your buyer asks to leave the walls bare and unpainted, document that. If your buyer wants a different agreement, document that! If you need help with all that paperwork, your realtor can help.

Schedule it. Once you select an offer, you and your buyer must set up a timeline to closing. Make sure these negotiations are clear and legal by consulting with your realtor, and make sure to hold up your end of the deal.