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Closing Day

Almost-congratulations! If you’re at closing day, you are almost there! What can you expect in these final steps?

  • Final walk-through: The day before or the day of closing, the buyer will visit your property to verify that everything is still working and looking great!
  • Services and utilities: Don’t forget to shut off your electricity, cable, internet, phone, or any other services. Your realtor can help provide a list of the common utilities that you might need to cancel.
  • Have a backup plan. Did an appliance break the day before closing? Did your buyers back out at the last minute? Your realtor is prepared for these (often stressful) challenges.


You’re finally here! Your closing agent will provide a settlement statement to all parties, summarizing the financial elements of the transaction. You and the buyers will sign, or you can make arrangements to elect a representative. Your funds can be wired to your account or issued at a check, and your realtor can help to manage this. Make sure to bring any necessary keys or codes to access your property, because these are necessary for your buyers. Finally, go out and celebrate! You’re done—until your next property sale or purchase with D&L PowerTeam!