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Are you ready to sell your property in NJ? We have helped hundreds of people sell their property in Warren, Sussex, and Morris Counties!

Preparation Steps

While each property requires a customized approach, here’s what we’ve found to work the best for those we have helped to sell a property.

1. Make it look good.
You want your property to look its best, so start with the curb appeal! Make sure your landscaping is neat and clean, and add some colorful flower to grab attention.

2. Fix it up.
Does your property have a few eyesores? If your screens are shredding, your doorknobs are worn, or if your little ones have left handprints along the walls, spruce things up with a quick cleaning or repair and show potential buyers that you have taken care of this property.

3. Make it appealing.
You want your home to look like a place where someone could live, not where someone definitely does live. Your property will sell best if it is open, clean, pleasant smelling, and inviting. Fresh flowers are a lovely touch.

4. Keep it legal.
A variety of disclosures and inspections must be completed before selling your property. Our expert team of realtors can make sure that your place is inspected for termites, pests, updated wiring, or anything else your specific location requires.

5. Show your stuff!
Your realtor team will take care of presenting your property to buyers in a flattering and honest manner. Most buyers prefer to see the house without the owners present, and having a realtor present your house increases professionalism.