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Why Choose the D&L PowerTeam?

We have sold hundreds of properties in the NJ area, including home, business, and commercial properties. We also live and work in the areas where we serve, making us “local experts” in the Sussex, Morris, and Warren counties. We have earned a variety of awards for our outstanding customer service, and have great customer reviews to back us up. Through a combination of market research, customer service, and innovative technology integration, we have helped so many people sell their properties, and we can help you, too!

How to Choose a Great Agent

Whether you choose the D&L PowerTeam or want to look around, here are our top suggestions for finding a great real estate agent.

1. Experience. You want the best for your property, and for good reason—those with experience and expertise in their fields are more likely to know about special opportunities and to be familiar with all that frustrating paperwork.

2. Education. While anyone, in theory, can help you to sell your property, anyone, in theory, can perform brain surgery! You don’t want someone who is just “good” at real estate, you want someone with the formal education and training in the field. This ensures that their credentials are up to date and that they have learned the formal elements of everything necessary for a successful sale.

3. Availability and Communication. You may find the best realtor in the world, but if he or she is never available for your calls, never gets back to your emails, and does not intend to follow-up on emergencies… they aren’t doing much for you! Find a agent who makes you their top priority and your property will sell far more quickly.

4. Personality. Does your agent meet your needs? Do they seem genuinely concerned about your sale and future? Your real estate agent is your partner in selling your property, so feel free to “fire” those whose aren’t meeting your high standards.

A Note on Pricing

The property market is very volatile—but in the seller’s favor! Don’t rely on how much your neighbor’s house sold for, how much the business across the street sold for, or how much you “think” your property is worth—consult with a skilled realtor to find out an accurate estimate of your home’s value and get the most from your investment.